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The SteadyScrib Pen Set is the first and only writing utensil specifically designed for Parkinson's disease. We have been working hard to bring SteadyScrib to market and are excited for our upcoming 2024 product launch. Join us in empowering those with Parkinson's! Whether you're would to support our mission through donations or are eager to be first in line for our revolutionary product, click the

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About us

Meet Pops, the inspiration behind SteadyScrib, and learn about how SteadyScrib transformed from a passion project to an LLC.

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The SteadyScrib Difference

SteadyScrib is the first and only writing tool specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s



Unlike existing products on the market, the SteadyScrib team is creating the first manual writing tool designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Our unique design counteracts against three main writing-inhibitive Parkinson's symptoms:  tremors, rigidity and bradykinesia. 


Restores Independence

Because millions of people with Parkinson’s disease lack writing utensils compatible with their manual dexterity, they can no longer do many things that contribute to a functional and rewarding life, such as journaling, completing medical forms, and so much more. 



Our magnetic technology is new, but the functionality of our pen is not. We didn't reinvent the wheel — and we're not trying to. In order to optimize user experience, SteadyScrib innovates on familiar products and has a user-friendly design, so there are no new skills needed to use our pen.

Just pick up and write! 

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