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Meet Pops

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SteadyScrib began as a passion project, stemming from a treasured tradition between a girl and her grandfather.


Izzy — our co-Founder and CEO — grew up exchanging handwritten letters with her grandfather. After his Parkinson's symptoms advanced to a debilitating stage, their cherished tradition was cut short. 


Thus, this venture began as a passion project, to find a writing solution for Pops. Now, we have our sights set on helping millions of other people with Parkinson’s disease. The SteadyScrib team is immensely grateful that Pops was the first person able to try the pen set created in his honor, before he passed away on December 4, 2022. In loving memory of Pops, we are working hard to restore a sense of joy and confidence for millions of others with Parkinson’s, one pen set at a time.

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Our Founders

Izzy Mokotoff and Alexis Chan, Co-Founders of SteadyScrib, are current Northwestern University seniors who share a deep passion for improving the lives of individuals with Parkinson's disease. While living next door in their sorority house, Izzy and Alexis decided to embark on this venture together, and their unique strengths and backgrounds have fueled their partnership ever since.

Izzy, a journalism major with a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation, possesses a profound understanding of the business world and the power of storytelling. Alexis, majoring in biomedical engineering, brings her scientific expertise and a strong desire to make a tangible impact in healthcare and technology. Together, they balance each other's gaps and complement their skills, united by their shared vision.

Driven by an unwavering commitment, Izzy and Alexis co-founded SteadyScrib with a clear purpose: to improve the lives of individuals with Parkinson's disease. Their innovative writing utensil, designed specifically for this community, allows individuals to regain their ability to write with ease and grace. With SteadyScrib, Izzy and Alexis aim to empower individuals, restore self-expression, and transform the writing experience for those living with Parkinson's.
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Izzy Mokotoff
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Alexis Chan

Our Directors

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Priya is a senior at Northwestern University studying biomedical engineering with an interest in legal studies. Priya specializes in technical writing and scientific research and conducts user feedback. She is interested in the field of patent law and hopes to continue learning about intellectual property through SteadyScrib. In her free time, Priya enjoys playing volleyball and tennis, traveling, and cycling. 
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David is a graduate student at Northwestern University in the Engineering Design Innovation program. David’s responsibilities include design and manufacturing. He was interested in joining a startup at The Garage in a product design role and was drawn to the meaningful work at SteadyScrib. In his free time, David enjoys playing the saxophone and going to Yankee games with friends. 
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Jamison is a senior at Northwestern University studying Social Policy with a minor in Political Science. As Director of Outreach and Communications, Jamison builds and maintains relationships with partners, spearheads the grant application process, and oversees SteadyScrib’s social media presence. After graduation, Jamison is interested in pursuing a career in law. 

Our Advisors

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CEO Casey Grage founded neurosurgical device startup Hubly Surgical as a result of her long family history of neurological disease. In just two years, she has won top prizes at over 10 international pitch competitions, secured government grants, solidified several hospital partnerships, hired a full-time team, and raised seed investment to bring the Hubly Drill from ideation to launch. Prior to founding Hubly, she researched Parkinson’s disease for five years in neuroscience labs, built neuro-implantable devices in a bioengineering lab, analyzed neurosurgical data with Northwestern physicians, and worked as a software engineer within JP Morgan’s big data department. Grage is a Washington Business Journal 25 under 25 awardee.
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Professor Ferguson directs the Farley Center, including curriculum design, faculty development, alumni engagement, student mentorship, and partnerships on campus and beyond. She teaches a wide range of entrepreneurship and innovation classes and serves on the executive advisory board of the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers. Before joining Farley in 2020, Ferguson spent five years at The Garage, Northwestern University's student startup incubator, as an entrepreneur in residence and associate director. Earlier in her career, Hayes was a project writer at PEOPLE magazine and the Latin America bureau chief for The Times-Picayune and Newhouse News. 
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