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SteadyScrib has been awarded $43,680 in non-dilutive funding from 5 grants, including The Garage, VentureWell, Davis Academy, and Northwestern Leadership Venture.

VentureWell Propel for E-Teams

Propel for E-Teams is the second stage in The E-Team Program, part of the VentureWell Accelerator. As an accepted team, SteadyScrib has received a $20,000 grant and entry into the accompanying Propel entrepreneurship training workshop in February 2023.

Learn more about VentureWell here.


First Prize and Audience Favorite at Demo Day

The Garage's Jumpstart program holds an end-of-program event every year called Demo Day, in which the top 9 Jumpstart teams pitch their startups to a panel of judges. In this event, SteadyScrib won first place and was granted $4,000. SteadyScrib also won the Audience Favorite prize, and was granted an additional $1,000.

Watch the SteadyScrib team present at Demo Day here

VentureWell E-Teams Stage 1

The E-Team program is part of the VentureWell Accelerator and helps fund student projects. Every year, they give over $800,000 in grants to teams who work to solve social, health, or environmental challenges. Through the E-Teams program, SteadyScrib was awarded a $5,000 grant.

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Jumpstart Pre-Accelerator

The Jumpstart Pre-Accelerator program at The Garage seeks to accelerate early-stage student teams by giving them $10,000 in non-dilutive funding and coaching over a period of 10 weeks. Jumpstart culminates with Demo Day, where students present their proposals and gain feedback from established judges.

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Northwestern University 
Leadership Ventures

Northwestern's Leadership Ventures program is a program specialized in supporting new teams, new projects, and teams undergoing significant change. SteadyScrib was accepted into the Leadership Ventures Program and was awarded $2,500 dollars in grants.

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The Garage Propel Program

The Garage Propel Program provides mentorship, networking opportunities, and unparalleled learning experiences to women who are full-time students. Through the Propel Program, SteadyScrib was awarded an $1,000 grant.  


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Davis Alumni Tzedek

The Davis Alumni Tzedek Grant acknowledges and aids beneficent initiatives of Davis Academy Graduates. SteadyScrib was one of the few proposals to be accepted by the Davis Academy Committee, and was awarded an $180 grant.

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