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SteadyScrib is patent pending... but once our patent is approved we will be publishing details about our Parkinson's Pen Set

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Who We Are

SteadyScrib began as a passion project, stemming from a treasured tradition between a girl and her grandfather. Izzy — our co-Founder and CEO — grew up sending handwritten letters back and forth with her grandfather. However, after his Parkinson's symptoms advanced to a debilitating stage, their cherished tradition was cut short. Because Izzy’s grandfather, and millions of other people with Parkinson’s disease, lack writing utensils compatible with their manual dexterity, they can no longer do so many things that allow them to live an autonomous and enjoyable life, such as journaling, signing receipts, completing medical forms, and so much more. At SteadyScrib, we are personally motivated to enable people with Parkinson’s to communicate with dignity and efficiency.

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